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natal chart


your natal chart is a map of what the sky looked like when you were born.  this map can be used as a tool to understand oneself.  astrology as it was traditionally practiced, is a science based on the understanding that all things possess energy, and all energies affect each other.  knowing our predispositions, tendencies, and challenges, can assist us in overcoming them and becoming the best version of ourselves.  


to get a complete chart, you must know your birth time.  each chart is digitally drawn with either a gold or silver finish.  


digital art

archival canvas

made to order


natal charts・digital prints

PrixÀ partir de 33,33C$
  • please read carefully.

    if this is a gift, submit the name of the person whose chart you are creating in the "name" box.  

    if you would only like a digital copy, please put the email address it should be sent to in the box, and ignore the size & framing options.

    glass framed prints are not available for international shipping.

    please allow 1-2 weeks for completion + delivery time.

    if it is a gift and is needed by a certain date that is sooner than that time frame, please indicate that and I will contact you regarding rushed orders. 

    ***note that printing/framing times are beyond my control and can take a few days to over a week depending on their schedule

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